Shadow Forge Gameplay

The first major release for Shadowcorn gameplay is called Shadow Forge, where Shadowcorn holders will be able to stake their Shadowcowns to earn dark resources and craft Minions in preparation from coming battles known as Twilight Tactics.

Shadow Forge gameplay takes place on the web, easily accessible by connecting your wallet at:


Players that own Shadowcorns are able to do the following within the Shadow Forge:

  • Harvest Resources

    • Husks and Ingredients can be gathered through the Shadow Forge through staking Shadowcorns.

  • Craft Shadow Forge Items

    • Craft resources and mint rituals to further your progression.

  • Create Minions

    • Minion Creation allows you to progress further in the Leaderboard. Minions will also be part of the core strategy in future installments of Shadowcorn gameplay.

  • Upgrade Your Shadow Forge

    • The Shadow Forge may be upgraded to a higher level with enough Dark Marks and Shadow Forge Keys. Upgrading helps you get better Shadow Forge Bonuses.

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