Starting on May 28th, 2024 Crypto Unicorns is down for migration to the XAI blockchain. As part of that migration, we are conducting a play-to-airdrop campaign currently in preseason that will commence with Season 1 once we re-launch on XAI. For more information, please see: Play to Airdrop

Shadowcorns are the evil counterparts to the happy-go-lucky Unicorns. Since the days of the great Cataclysm, the Shadowcorns have been bound to the Dark Forest and existed mostly in the shadows.

Unlike the Unicorns that are breeding to grow their population, the Shadowcorns are sterile and unable to procreate. There are only 3,000 of them in existence; however, they are known for sending disposable Minions to do their bidding...

Shadowcorns are also broken into discrete tiers of common, rare, and mythic. Of the 3,000 total supply, there are:

  • 2,000 Common

  • 950 Rare

  • 50 Mythic

Supremacy Score

Shadowcorns don't go into battle themselves, but instead produce resources to craft armies of Minions that do their bidding. These resources used in crafting can be bought and sold on marketplaces, providing value for Shadowcorn holders at all times.

Similarly, Shadowcorn owners have a Supremacy Score that ranks all of the holders on an ongoing leaderboard. Supremacy Score is calculated by the number of Shadowcorns a player owns, the rarity of those Shadowcorns, and the size of their Minion army at any given time.

Rewards await Shadowcorn holders that want to tango with darkness.

Higher Supremacy Score = more passive rewards.

Shadowcorn Attacks

The rewards for Shadowcorns with high Supremacy Scores come from events in the core land game, like farming and gathering, where Unicorns fall victim to Shadowcorm attacks.

These attacks reduce the yeild a Unicorn would have recieved from a successful harvest and is re-routed to the Shadowcorn armies instead.

Unicorn owners will know they have fallen victim to a Shadowcorn Attack any time they see a dark, swirling animation when harvesting their rewards!

We're migrating to the Arbitrum/XAI network soon! Shadowcorns and their associated contracts will be paused until the migration is complete. Migration began on May 28th, 2024 and is expected to take multiple weeks.

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