Crypto Unicorns - $CU

Crypto Unicorns ($CU) are the Unicorn multiverse's primary value token. This token replaces the Rainbow Token ($RBW), the token of the ecosystem when it resided on Polygon, when Crypto Unicorns migrated to XAI, an orbit chain on Arbitrum network. $CU will have a value that is 10:1 of the $RBW token and becomes the new token of the Unicorn multiverse.

$CU is the economic engine that drives the health of the game and supports the community’s ongoing participation in this unique shared economy. Holders will be able to utilize these tokens in a variety of ways including:

  • Governance! CU can be staked to receive sCU which can be used to vote on governance proposals that shape the future of the DAO. In addition to the governance benefit, staked CU also generates rewards in the form of CU.

  • Liquidity Providing! CU can be paired with ETH, entered into a LP position, and staked to earn CU, XAI, and other rewards!

  • Unicorns! CU is required to breed or evolve unicorns within the core game!.

  • Rituals! CU is required to mint rituals that can be used to produce minions and increase your shadowcorn prestige.

  • Supplies! CU can be used to purchase seedbags, materials, boosters, and berries from the in-game marketplace (RMP).

  • Unicorn Party! CU can be used to participate in unicorn party games (bumpercorns, mob run, trivia, bingo, and more coming soon!

  • Rainbow Rumble! CU can be used to participate in rainbow rumble tournaments and events.

  • Crafting! CU can be used to craft items through the in-game workshop.

  • Opponent Selection! CU can be used to reroll opponents in Twilight Tactics to ensure you locate a good matchup.

  • Quests! CU can be used as an entry cost for in-game quests.

  • Codices! CU can be used to purchase codices in-game which can be used to craft gems.

  • ..and other additional uses as new games and features get added within the economic network.

Multi-Sig Wallet Treasury

Funds are secured by an industry-standard Gnosis multi-sig wallet. The Treasury wallet keys are held by 8 members of the Crypto Unicorns DAO. Any transaction will require 5 of 8 signatures to execute. This helps to protect the project against hacks and malicious team members.




$CU Vaults (3/5 Multi-sig)

The different $CU supply allocations are secured in their own multi-sig wallets. The keys are held by 5 members of the Crypto Unicorns DAO team. To be valid, any transaction must have three of five signatures. Anyone has access to the status of transactions as they are submitted for approval, as well as the history of all previous transactions.

P&E and Staking

Ecosystem Fund

Team and Investor

Until the DAO is fully activated, Laguna Games, as the biggest holder in the DAO, will directly manage the treasury. Laguna Games will provide treasury reports until control is transferred to the community.

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