Players begin by adding farm plots to their Land. They can plant seeds on the farm plots and return later to harvest berries. Did you know that Unicorns LOVE berries? Players can assign a Unicorn when planting seeds to increase berry production. They can further boost berry production by keeping their Unicorns properly fed with berries so they don’t get hungry on the job!

Initially, players can farm 10 types of berries including plain berries and one berry type for each Unicorn class. Players can use berries to breed and evolve Unicorns and as ingredients in crafting. When a player plants a seed they should expect a variable amount of berries corresponding to the seed type planted. Farms get bonuses based on Land adjacency.

It may come as a surprise to many players that Unicorns poop! Cleaning up Unicorn poop is a daily reality of life on the farm. The good news is that Unicorn poop doesn’t smell and can often include items like seeds, so it’s important to check back regularly so it doesn’t pile up!

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