To breed Unicorns, the player must pay Unicorn Milk, Crypto Unicorns Tokens, and Normal Berries. Optionally, players can add Class Berries when breeding to affect the results. Each Class Berry used increases the odds that the newborn will be of the same class as the used berry.

Note: This only applies when the two parents aren’t of the same class. Three Class Berries will be available for such breeds: One for each class of the parent, and one for the hidden class if applicable.

Looking at the above example, if a player wanted to insure the resulting class was Crystal they would need to add Crystal Class Berries. Using Boosters when breeding also increases the chance of the parts of the parent of that class being passed down to the newborn. The higher tier of booster used, the greater the bonus chance of parts being passed down.

The chance of parts being passed down to the newborn can be improved using Breeding Boosters. Breeding Boosters are items that can be crafted in the Workshop. They can also be bought and sold in the Rainbow Marketplace. There are six tiers of Breeding Boosters. The higher the tier of Booster, the greater the chance of the parents passing down their parts to the newborn Unicorn.

Optimizing a Unicorn’s stats will be a long journey of breeding Unicorns who have good genes, using Breeding Boosters to increase the chance of parts with those good genes being inherited by the newborn Unicorn. Then the baby Unicorn with inherited good genes has a chance to upgrade those genes further when the baby evolves into an adult. The adult Unicorn can then breed and try to pass down its parts to the newborn. Rinse and repeat.

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