Laguna Games, Inc. is committed to decentralizing Crypto Unicorns via the RBW governance token. This process will occur over the coming years as we distribute RBW to players and community members who can in turn stake RBW to participate in governance. As a result, Laguna Games’ and our investors’ ownership and control will gradually decline over time.
Initial Design Choice
Gnosis Safe
Gnosis Snapshot
Rainbow Token (RBW)
Gnosis Safe Owner
Gnosis Snapshot Owner
  • Phase 0 - Token Genesis
    • Launch of RBW via Public Sale
    • No Voting / Staking
  • Phase 1 - Staking Launch
    • Staking Dashboard
  • Phase 2 - Voting Launch
    • Voting System
  • Phase 3 - DAO
    • Enhance governance control via the decentralization of smart contract upgrades.
With the launch of Phase 2 people who choose to stake their RBW can participate in key governance decisions and earn rewards. To incentivize long-term holders and people genuinely interested in furthering the Crypto Unicorn community we are leveraging a familiar voting lockup strategy seen in DeFi.
Players stake tokens according to various timelocks. The longer the staking period, the more sRBW (staked RBW) governance tokens they receive.
  • 1 Month - 1 RBW = 1.25 sRBW
  • 3 Month - 1 RBW = 1.75 sRBW
  • 6 Month - 1 RBW = 2.5 sRBW
  • 12 Month - 1 RBW = 4 sRBW
Staking rewards (RBW) are distributed to holders of sRBW daily. As a result, players with longer time horizons will earn more staking rewards and have an outsized vote on governance decisions. In order to build a generational IP, we must maximize long-term incentive alignment across all participants.
Important Note: The Team and Investor allocations are locked per the schedule outlined here. While locked we can stake and vote on governance decisions but will not earn staking rewards. Our tokens will be represented as “locked staked RBW” (lsRBW). We feel this is the fairest for our community members and puts us on the strongest path to decentralization.