Unicorn NFTs

During the summer of 2021, the Laguna Games team discovered 10,000 Genesis Unicorn eggs in a mysterious vault inside the dormant Unicorn Multiverse. Ancient writings on the vault walls indicated that these were the only store of Unicorn eggs and they were placed here during the Unicorn extinction event in hopes that one day the Unicorns could be reborn and retake their rightful place in the Unicorn Multiverse. On November 15, 2021, Laguna Games sold all 10,000 genesis eggs to early community members. These eggs form the foundation of the game economy.

Many people don’t know this but Unicorns are amazing and highly useful creatures. They start their lifecycle as eggs, hatch into babies, and eventually evolve into adults. As adults they are amazing farmers able to grow and craft everything needed to grow their Multiverse. Each Unicorn also has a unique set of skills, defined by their genes, that make them adept at battle loops like jousting and racing.

For the Unicorn Multiverse to grow and thrive, the original 10,000 Unicorns must breed. Players can breed Unicorns using Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Normal Berries. When breeding two adult Unicorns, each parent Unicorn’s genes pass down to the newly-created Unicorn egg NFT. Each Unicorn can breed up to eight (8) times helping to control supply. We will also introduce a number of deflationary mechanisms over time to further control supply.

Limited Edition 1/1’s:

We also found 99 Limited Edition experimental eggs that hatch into unique 1/1 Unicorns. Sadly the commercialization process required to bring these experimental eggs to life makes them sterile. We will likely tie these Unicorn eggs to prizes for winning events and community contests. 1/1 Unicorn’s will generate stats using the same genetic algorithm as normal Unicorns and won’t necessarily be OP. Like normal Unicorns, Limited Edition Unicorns start as eggs, hatch into babies, and can be evolved into adults. We expect to release these 99 limited edition Unicorns over time in tandem with partners globally.

Year 1 - Unicorn Utility:

  • Planting Seeds & Harvesting Berries

  • Crafting Materials & Items

  • Gathering Quests

  • Jousting

  • Racing

  • Team RPG

  • Mini-Games

    • Dark Forest Act I

    • … ;)

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