Nov 2021 - Feb 2022 - Community Genesis

Everything begins with our community. The focus here is on bootstrapping a powerful group of aligned players who are dedicated to the DAO's long-term mission and goals.

  • Nov. 15th - Genesis Egg Sale

  • Dec. 15th - Phase 1 Land Sale

  • Jan. 18th - Phase 2 Land Sale

  • Jan. 28th - Dark Forest Mini-Game

  • Feb. 2nd - Phase 3 Land Sale

  • Feb. 28th - Public Sale

  • Mar. 17th - RBW Community Airdrop

May 5th, 2022 - Game Launch

Our initial launch includes the Farming core loop bringing harvesting, crafting, gathering, Unicorn breeding, Unicorn evolution, and the introduction of the Rainbow Token marketplace. This phase will focus on Unicorn NFT growth via breeding and onboarding a new cohort of players.

Feature Roadmap

This list is not comprehensive and may change as we continue to develop the game. Our internal product roadmap also includes a mixture of improvements to previously released features, smaller features, bug fixes, and tech debt. We want to balance our team such that we always have new features in progress but also allow us to take time to improve the game and our core technology.

Loot Boxes

Open all those glorious lootboxes in the game! Bring loot boxes into the game from your wallet to open them to get a wide variety of rewards.

Land Vending Machine & Keystone Crafting

You’ll be able to get more land by crafting Keystones in the game, bringing them into your wallet, and using them to buy a brand new piece of land! Each Class has its own keystone so you can get the land that you want. This will also be the first time players can get Hidden Class Lands!


A continually rotating set of quests will be available for players, where you can send your unicorns on quests to get specific rewards.

Shadowcorns Staking Mini Game

The Shadowcorns must gain strength if they are going to get revenge on the Unicorns! They will need to navigate the Dark Forest to earn rewards…which door leads further into the forest towards rewards and which are dead ends? Stake your shadowcorn to find out!


Our first battle loop will be Jousting! Unicorns will enter a Joust to compete for rewards against other Unicorns. To start, we’ll have a general arena where all unicorns are on equal footing (hooving?) and after that, we’ll be launching nine Jousting Arenas over time to match each Unicorn class.

Shadowcorn Act II

The first battle begins in the Dark Forest. The Shadowcorns and Unicorns are fighting over the valuable resources held in the Dark Forest. Unicorns will have to work together to overpower the Shadowcorns. Stake your Unicorns and Shadowcorns into different areas of the Dark Forest to compete for resources.

Golden Ticket Marketplace

Trade in your Golden Tickets for special rewards at the Golden Ticket Marketplace! The items here are valuable and limited, with wares changing regularly.


Bring your friends and Uni Fam together in the game world with Neighborhoods. Team work makes the dream work! Get a Townhall to start your neighborhood and unlock collaborative gameplay. You’ll need to work together to face the Shadowcorns…


With Racing, players enter their Unicorns in exciting tournaments across a wide variety of tracks, each with unique properties. Race against other Unicorns to discover the fastest Unicorns!

Shadowcorn Raids (Dark Forest Act III)

Will the Unicorns be ready when the Shadowcorns invade with their army of minions!? The Shadowcorns are mysterious and hold their plans close so we can’t share much about this… but they’re planning something big.

Team RPG

Team RPG with PvE and PvP components. Unicorns will test their mettle against each other and hone their teamwork skills in this battle loop!

This Whitepaper was first created before we launched the game but it is consistently being updated as we grow. We still encourage players to explore the game to discover what has changed and work with other players to learn the secrets of Crypto Unicorns. We’ll also continue to post high-level information in Discord and on Substack as we release and update features. We won’t release all the details & specifics though as we believe that a large part of the fun in games is learning as you play!

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