Game Assets & Economy Design

Designing a sustainable blockchain based game economy is a uniquely challenging problem. Because players can freely enter and exit the economy, we, as the game’s developer, must incept, grow, and manage a player run economy for as long as the community believes we are the best stewards.
A sustainable economy needs both depth and breadth. This is one of the many reasons we chose farming as our core loop. As a result, Land becomes the engine of the Crypto Unicorns’ economy.
  • Players purchase Land to harvest and produce resources for the entire Crypto Unicorns economy.
    • Trading via the Rainbow Token marketplace favors highly collaborative gameplay.
    • There is plenty of extensible depth in these systems that will keep players optimizing for years to come.
Land also facilitates and enables the birth of new generations of Unicorns. The beauty of Land gameplay is that it does not care about the stats of a Unicorn. As players progress, their Land will need an increased number of Unicorns farming to maintain optimal production efficiency. Combine this with the battle loops which will always be hungry for high stat Unicorns and we have the makings of a long-term sustainable economy in which players are forced to specialize into the systems and gameplay loops they care most about. This is similar to how the IRL economy works.
No team has a silver bullet when it comes to the complexity of economic systems design. We believe our initial design provides the foundation for a vibrant economy with various levers that will help us tune and balance the system as it grows.