• Unicorn Diamond Contract
    • 0xdC0479CC5BbA033B3e7De9F178607150B3AbCe1f
  • Unicorn Farm Diamond Contract
    • 0xA2a13cE1824F3916fC84C65e559391fc6674e6e8
  • Unicorn Milk Diamond Contract
    • 0x64060aB139Feaae7f06Ca4E63189D86aDEb51691

Why Polygon:

Polygon is an entire ecosystem of scaling solutions built on top of the Ethereum Mainnet. When looking to select a protocol to launch on we wanted to find the solution that best aligned with our long term goals and maximized our flexibility overtime.
Polygon represents an internet of blockchains that sits on top of Ethereum. They took a similar approach to Cosmos but wisely chose not to directly compete as an L1. This in combination with their expansion into zkRollup technology as well as Polygon Edge give us plenty of options as developers to react to changing market conditions.
For example, it’s likely we’ll expand from Polygon’s PoS network to either an EVM compatible zkRollup (Miden/Zero) or to an application specific side chain via Edge. This flexibility and variety of choice is another of the many reasons we believe in the long term viability of the Polygon ecosystem.