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Why XAI:

We originally launched on Polygon, but after two years of operating a live economy it was clear we needed to find a scaling solution that would meet the needs of our eager player base.

In June of 2024, Crypto Unicorns officially migrated to the Xai blockchain, which is the world’s first Layer 3 solution for AAA gaming. Xai is powered by the Arbitrum ecosystem, meaning it is built on top of Ethereum Mainnet.

Gamers experience ultrafast block times and very low gas fees when using Xai, making it perfect for handling AAA games that produce a lot of transactions. Xai Games also has $100 million in gaming incentives to empower developers and innovators working on the future of gaming.

Aside from a greatly improved user experience, we see Xai as a crypto-native game publisher. As blockchain games become more complex and specialized, working with publishers that understand the nuances of the industry is crucial.

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You can learn more about Xai by visiting their website:

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