Players can evolve their Unicorns from their baby form whenever they wish. Unicorns will always keep their unique visual traits but Evolution gives a chance to roll to upgrade each of their 18 genes. Since only adult Unicorns can breed, we anticipate most players will evolve their unicorns into adults.

Unlike Breeding, Class Berries are necessary for evolution. To evolve a Unicorn, the Player needs to spend Class Berries of their Unicorn’s class plus Crypto Unicorns Tokens and a small amount of Unicorn Milk.

Players need 100 class berries per Unicorn evolution. Additionally, players can use Evolution Boosters when evolving their Unicorns to increase the chance of upgrading Genes during evolution.

Evolution Flow:

  1. Each Gene rolls to see if it upgrades during Evolution

    1. If Yes, the Gene will upgrade to a higher Rarity

    2. If No, the Gene will stay at its current Rarity

  2. After the roll for Gene upgrades, the Unicorn’s stats will increase to match the new rarities of the upgraded genes.

  3. Then all 8 Unicorn Stats increase by 20%.

  4. Next, each visual attribute or “part” asset is then upgraded to its next evolution stage.

  5. After all rolls and upgrades are complete the Unicorn is evolved.

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