Unicorns love entering Jousting Tournaments! These tournaments, coming later in 2022, will be live, and feature up to 32 unicorns competing in a series of bracketed matches where one Unicorn is victorious! Some events will be free while others will have entry fees payable in UNIM.

Jousting matches will be highly entertaining demonstrations of strength and speed. Core jousting stats are ultimately determined by inputting a Unicorn’s base stats into an algorithm which outputs scores for top speed, acceleration, and endurance. Each match will be split into three (3) rounds, with the winner being determined by points or Unicorn knockout.

Each jousting round, Unicorns will charge at each other with these potential outcomes:

  • Miss - Both Unicorns miss each other.

  • Glance - One or both Unicorns strike a glancing blow.

  • Stagger - One or both Unicorns stagger.

  • Knockdown - One Unicorn is knocked down.

    • When a knockdown occurs a 10 second count timer begins. The Unicorn must stand up before time is up or a knockout is declared and the match is over!

If a round doesn’t end in a knockout, the three judges will weigh in and issue a score based on several factors (strike quality being most important). Once the scoring phase is over, the next round begins. At the end of the third round, assuming no Unicorn is knocked out, the Unicorn with the highest aggregate score will be the winner.

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