Land Gameplay

A player’s farm is their “home on the range” within the Unicorn Multiverse. It’s a completely customizable plot of land with a variety of productive buildings including the Stables, Nursery, Workshop, Gathering Cart, and Farm Plots. Unicorns are extremely helpful creatures (so long as you ask nicely!) and love to help out around the farm. Players benefit from working to upgrade their land which increases its productive output.

Key Buildings:

  • Farm Slots: Players can plant seeds to grow berries which are used in breeding, evolution, and crafting.

  • Gathering Cart: Players can send Unicorns on gathering quests and collect various rewards when they return!

  • Workshop: Players can assign Unicorns to craft items from a list of potential recipes.

  • Nursery: Players can breed, hatch, and evolve Unicorns.

  • Stables: Players can upgrade the stable to increase the number of Unicorns that can be assigned to work on the Land.

Types of Land:




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