The Nursery is where all the magic happens. Inside players breed Unicorns to produce new Unicorn eggs which can be hatched into baby Unicorns! Players can also evolve babies into adult Unicorns.


  • Any two Unicorns who still have breeding points can be bred. The required cost is normal berries + UNIM & CU.

  • Optionally, players can spend class berries for a higher chance of producing the class they want.


  • When an egg is ready — usually 24 hours after breeding — players can hatch it at any time. Gas fees will apply.

  • Optionally, players can use a booster to improve the stats of their Unicorn. While not necessary, we highly recommend using it to maximize the chance a newborn inherits parts from its parents.


  • Post cooldown, a player can choose to evolve their baby Unicorn into an adult.

  • Optionally, players can use an evolutionary booster to roll for higher-quality stats. We highly recommend using these for those looking to maximize the stats of their Unicorn.

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