Once hatched, a Unicorn’s parts and genes define their unique genetic identity. Parts give each Unicorn their visual traits and the genes determine the stats/scores for each type of gameplay.

All Unicorns of one class start out with the same base stats. A Unicorn’s genes transform those base stats into what they are when the Unicorn hatches. Better genes will result in higher stats. Each Unicorn has 6 parts and 18 total genes.

To determine a Unicorn's genes, we first determine the newborn Unicorn's parts. Parts that aren’t inherited from a parent will be rolled. Once the parts are inherited and/or rolled, we roll 3 genes for each part.

A part has three gene slots:

  • Major Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have the highest chance of being upgraded through evolution.

  • Normal Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have a lower chance of being upgraded through evolution than Major Genes Slot, but have a higher chance than genes in the Minor Gene Slot

  • Minor Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have the lowest chance of being upgraded through evolution.

Mythic Parts:

The first Major Gene for Mythic Parts will use the Tier 3 of the Class Gene. It’s extremely rare but Mythic Parts can be inherited through breeding.

Core Stats:

Every Unicorn has the following core stats which are used to produce scores for Power, Speed, Endurance, and Intelligence. By deriving scores from common core stats used across all Unicorns, we can use the same foundational stats across all types of gameplay. For example, Team RPG would use the Battle Stats themselves while Jousting and Racing would use the Scores.

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