Land NFTs

As discussed, Land is the focal point for farming gameplay and represents the overall engine of the Unicorn economy.

There are three rarities of Land NFT; Common, Rare, and Mythic:

  • Common Land comes in 9 different types (one for each Unicorn Class). When using a Unicorn of the same class as the Land, a player receives buffs making harvesting, gathering, and crafting more efficient.

  • Rare Land comes in 3 different types (one for each class group). Rare land will provide buffs for any unicorn within an entire class group. This gives a player more optionality when looking to maximize their farming operation.

  • Mythic Land comes in only 1 type and buffs all 9 classes! This type of land is by far the rarest and most valuable because it buffs all Unicorn class.

Total Land Supply

Following the launch of the game we will eventually allow players to purchase new plots of land. Ultimately, there will be a maximum limit to the total supply of each plot type:

  • Common Plots: 900,000 Max Supply

  • Rare Plots: 90,000 Max Supply

  • Mythic Plots: 10,000 Total Supply

We expect players to purchase land based on their preferred class (or class group) of Unicorns enabling them to build an efficient and competitive farming operation. There are a variety of strategies including purchasing multiple Common plots or going after a Rare or Mythic plot.

Land Adjacency:

Players can stitch together Land NFTs to create shared adjacency bonuses.


Unicorns are friendly and like lending a neighborly hand so in 2022, we will release a very exciting feature called Neighborhoods. Players will form Neighborhoods by bringing their land plots together with guildmates. This will allow people to optimize for shared adjacency bonuses to collectively maximize their productive output. We expect this highly social gameplay to form the basis for how we run live events with our community of Unicorn farmers.

Purchasing Land Post-Launch:

Sometime soon after the game launches, players will be able to purchase new lands at will. Purchasing land in this way will require both ETH as well as a Keystone item. Players can earn Keystones by crafting them in the Workshop or through event rewards. When land is purchased, the Keystone is consumed. Each type of Land has its own Keystone. The price of land sold after the pre-sales will be on a bonding curve. Each Land type will have its own bonding curve. This allows players to buy land without requiring us to arrange time-specific sales. In addition, we get a system whereby new land is minted naturally to meet incoming demand.

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