Welcome to the Unicorn Multiverse!

Crypto Unicorns is a new blockchain-based game centered around awesomely unique Unicorn NFTs which players can use in a fun farming simulation and in a variety of exciting battle loops.

Farming gameplay centers on Land NFTs which players can buy and upgrade over time. Unicorns love to help around the farm so players can put them to work increasing the productive output of Land and crafting materials to upgrade buildings. Individual Land can be combined by players into neighborhoods designed for highly social real-time gameplay. In this fashion, players can customize their Farm and show it off to the world!

We are starting with Farming gameplay followed by Jousting, Racing and Team RPG Battle. Each game type will leverage different Unicorn abilities over time. For example, a really good racing Unicorn might not be a great jouster nor “Battlecorn”. Ultimately, we envision an ever expanding universe of game loops interconnected with the core farming loop. To achieve this, we want to work with the community and other developers to continue adding utility and fun to the Crypto Unicorns Multiverse.

Our Vision

As game developers we are excited to move away from the extractive nature of Free-2-Play to foster and nurture community run game economies. Crypto Unicorns is our first digital nation and we are extremely excited to build it in tandem with our player community!

Blockchain-based gaming is a nascent industry and we expect changes as we build fun and engaging titles under this new economic paradigm. It’s our goal to embrace the core fundamental tenets of player ownership and forge into this new space as a developer. Our hope is that Crypto Unicorns will introduce millions of new players around the world to the benefits of in game asset ownership and the wider Web3 movement.

World Fiction & IP:

The Unicorn Multiverse has been frozen in time! No one knows what caused this cataclysm but it’s up to the player community to hatch the Origin Unicorns and work to return the land to its former glory!

We see Crypto Unicorns as a blank slate IP inspired by some of our favorite brands of all time including Super Mario, Pokemon and Zelda. We sincerely hope the global community will fall in love with these Unicorns as much as we have and believe that by working together we can build a truly generational IP 🦄 - The Laguna Games Team

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