Unicorn racing, also coming later in 2022, will feature different race tracks with unique attributes like class, distance, weather, and length designed to produce exciting events. The first races will feature eight Unicorns competing for the win. Unicorn Racing attracts a wide range of contestants given it tests every facet of their talents!

Smarter Unicorns are able to better pace themselves for distance races, stronger Unicorns are able to out-muscle their rivals in acceleration, tougher Unicorns can go longer without being winded, and fast Unicorns are… well, FAST! Players will be ranked based on how their Unicorns place. The higher the Unicorn ranks, the greater the rewards they’ll receive. Racing will start with three genesis tracks controlled by the developer, but over time, tracks will be managed by the community.

Racing Stats:

Core racing stats are ultimately determined by combining a Unicorn’s base stats to produce scores for Top Speed, Acceleration, and Endurance.

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