Staking Rewards

Staking has an allocation of 20,000,000 $CU. The $CU LP staking mechanism and the single staking mechanism are designed to reward long-term participation in the ecosystem, particularly in governance.

The Crypto Unicorns DAO has been activated in order to truly build a generational IP in collaboration with the community. We intend to decentralize ownership of the Crypto Unicorns IP in the coming years, in accordance with the tenets of progressive decentralization. Staking is the mechanism by which one can become a member of the DAO and influence the IP's direction early on. Staking $CU grants the right to vote on some key governance decisions and earn staking rewards. The Governance section goes into greater detail about the governance process.

Token Amount

% of total supply

unlock schedule



gradual unlock over ~5 years

Single Side Staking to be deployed on Arbitrum

RBW Pool to be deployed on Camelot Dex

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