Land NFTs

Crypto Unicorns will launch with farming gameplay based around land NFTs. As mentioned in the Farming Gameplay section, a player’s farm is their “home on the range” within the Unicorn Multiverse. It’s a completely customizable plot of land with up to 8 farm slots for harvesting berries and other important crafting materials.

There are three rarities of Land NFT including Common, Rare, and Mythic.

Common Land comes in 9 different types (one for each Unicorn Class). When using a Unicorn of the same class as the Land a player receives a number of buffs making harvesting, gathering, and crafting more efficient.

Rare Land comes in 3 different types (one for each class group). Rare land will provide buffs for any unicorn within an entire class group. This gives a player more optionality when looking to maximize their farming operation.

Mythic Land comes in only 1 type and buffs all 9 class groups! This type of land is by far the rarest and most valuable given you will receive buffs with any unicorn class.

We expect players to purchase land based on their preferred class of Unicorn enabling them to build an efficient and competitive farming operation. There are a number of strategies including purchasing multiple common plots or going after a Rare / Mythic plot. It's important to note that multiple land plots can be stitched together for shared bonuses. Ie. A Mythic plot can provide benefits to common land next to it.

Neighborhoods -

In Q2 2022 we'll be releasing a very exciting feature we call neighborhoods. This feature will enable players to bring their land plots together with their guild mates. We expect this highly social gameplay to be very fun and engaging for players.

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