We’ve spent 8+ years building out best in class infrastructure to enable efficient development and LiveOps. Our engine is a compilation of powerful, platform agnostic, tech and tools we can leverage to quickly build multiple titles with a shared set of core libraries. In addition, LG Core equips design teams with a robust set of tooling to rapidly build custom tailored player experiences.

Blockchain Infrastructure -

We want to create a game that millions of people can play daily. Given the high gas costs on ETH Mainnet we’ve chosen to initially deploy to Polygon. We believe in a multi-chain future and intend to support multiple EVM compatible chains including Polygon and ETH mainnet from launch. To meet the challenges of a full featured MMO game world, as well as a cryptographically fair and sovereign NFT economy, Laguna Games has designed a technology architecture which takes the best aspects of Web3, and supports them with fast and extensible gameplay nodes.

Chain Agnostic

Crypto Unicorns is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and will be available at launch on the Polygon side chain. We are committed to supporting additional EVM compatible blockchains overtime so that our players can benefit from advancements in speed, safety, privacy, and cost-efficiency.

Fair Launch

To ensure a level playing field for our earliest players, pre-sale NFTs will be minted in advance into a blind vault, and sold in randomized order. Our RNG uses verifiably random oracles, combined with on-chain parameters from high-entropy block states. This combination keeps gas costs low for players, while still ensuring that no individual buyer can front-run or influence the NFT sale.

High Performance Simulation Oracles

The Laguna Games Core platform (LGCore), which already powers multiple 4X MMO games, has been redesigned from the ground up to run deterministic game simulations and record game results on the blockchain. By separating player data from the gameplay servers, we provide an NFT ecosystem that is free to grow and expand with new experiences built by us as well as fans and third party developers.

True Asset Ownership

We are committed to guaranteeing the permanence of every NFT created. Every Unicorn’s artwork will be permanently saved on to the IPFS decentralized file storage network. In addition to making your NFTs safer, this will also allow content creators and other game developers to load Crypto Unicorns into their games.

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