Unicorn NFTs

Unicorn NFTs -

We are seeding the marketplace with 10,000 genesis eggs which will all be sold in the pre-sale. These are the only Unicorn genesis eggs that will ever exist and form the foundation of the long term game economy. Each Unicorn can only be bred up to 8 times. This will be further deflated overtime with the introduction of a future burn mechanism.

In addition to these 10K genesis eggs Laguna Games has found 99 Limited Edition eggs to experiment on with the goal of releasing them over time. These will be unique 1/1 unicorns that are unfortunately made sterile by the commercialization process. We will likely tie these Unicorn eggs to prizes for winning events and community contests. These Unicorn's stats will be generated using the same genetic algorithm and thus won’t necessarily be OP. We expect these 99 limited edition unicorns to be released overtime in tandem with partners globally.

Many people don’t know this but Unicorns are actually highly useful creatures and can be leveraged in both the core farming loop as well as the secondary battle loops. Unicorn magic naturally revitalizes and brings life to the Land. Players with a genesis egg can hatch their first unicorn to activate the Land and allow them to begin farming berries and gathering materials. Unicorns love berries and these are necessary for evolution as well as optionally useful in breeding.

Unicorns can only be bred 8 times creating a capped supply. Breeding Unicorns costs Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Normal Berries. When breeding two Adult Unicorns there is a chance for each Parent’s Genes to be passed down to the newly-created Unicorn Egg NFT.

  • Genes are separated into three types:

    • Major Genes: These genes have the highest chance of being passed down.

    • Normal Genes: These genes have a lower chance to be passed down than Major Genes, but higher chance than Minor Genes.

    • Minor Genes: These genes have the lowest chance to be passed down.

Breeding requires Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, Normal Berries and a Breeding Point from each Unicorn Parent. Unicorns only have 8 Breeding Points total and Breeding Points do not recover. Players have two options when breeding Unicorns. If they want to breed two of their own unicorns they can do so in the Nursery. Otherwise they can sire out their Unicorn via the marketplace or pay to breed their unicorn with another player’s.

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