Unicorns can be evolved from their baby form at an individual player’s discretion. Unicorns will always keep their unique traits but Evolution gives a chance to roll for a higher quality gene stat. Given only adult unicorns can be bred, we anticipate most players evolving their unicorns overtime. Unlike Breeding, Class Berries are necessary for evolution. To evolve a Unicorn, the Player needs to spend at least 1 Class Berry of the Class of the Unicorn as well as Rainbow Tokens and a small amount of Unicorn Milk.

Players have the option to pay more than 1 Class Berry (up to 10 max) when evolving a Unicorn. Each additional Class Berry beyond the first will increase the chance of a Gene Upgrade. Players can also use Class Boosters when evolving their Unicorns. Just as in Breeding, Class Boosters increase the chance of upgrading Genes when evolving.

Evolution Flow -

  1. Each Gene rolls to see if it upgrades during Evolution

    1. If Yes, the Gene will upgrade to a higher Rarity

    2. If No, the Gene will stay at it’s current Rarity

  2. Unicorn Stats are bumped when the Unicorn is Evolved. This occurs after the Gene Upgrades are rolled on. Stats associated with Genes increase based on the rarity of the Gene.

  3. Then each Gene of the Unicorn is rolled to see if it will increase in rarity.

  4. Then each visual attribute or “part” asset is then upgraded to it’s next evolution stage.

  5. After all these rolls and upgrades are complete, the Unicorn will be evolved.

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